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Let’s inspire people!

About the blog

We are a blog that specializes in inspiring people with new destinations. On our travels we share our experince live with our followers via social-media. (Just have a look: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube). Afterwards we publish highly search-engine-optimized content on our blog. We show our readers the places we have travelled to, tell them where to go and how to get there. Our audience likes to get first-hand tips and love to follow our footsteps.

Current statistics and trends

Our blog has been online since June 2015 and has been developing and growing organically without any advertising. Our visitors are grateful for our tips and are happy to travel in our footsteps. As a cooperation partner, this gives you a good opportunity to draw attention to specific locations or adventures.

We focus on high-quality content and invest a lot of time and money in search engine optimization. More and more readers find their way to us via search engines like Google. According to statistics, they stay on the blog and also inform themselves a second or third time.

We are absolutely no fans of bots and do not buy followers. We believe in organic and honest growth. We prefer to grow slowly, but with quality.

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